Anita Soer

‘The sale of our city centre house is a real Christmas story. We sold our house in six weeks’ time, even though the market conditions at that time (end of 2011) weren’t so good. The buyer viewed our property on Christmas Eve. He returned with his family on Boxing Day and the house was transferred at the notary on Epiphany. Even though she was abroad on a well-deserved holiday, Hellen took care of everything. She soon arranged a well-negotiated temporary rental property. That is where Max wrote his autobiography “leve het been” (‘long live the leg’), about leaving a house with many stairs because of the tragic loss of his leg. We began searching for a suitable home. We were very demanding as it had to be in Amsterdam’s city centre, accessible for a man with only one leg, nice for our twins and close to the children’s school and my job. We viewed many properties and are very happy with our new home. We met everyone at Carla van den Brink and many other estate agents who tried to talk us into buying several houses. But we always congratulate ourselves on choosing Carla van den Brink to represent us. The company has enthusiastic, intelligent employees who know the tricks of the trade and are exceptionally skilled negotiators. Hellen did a great job and Pieter Joep expertly finished it at the notary. Last but not least, their feeling for the right time and market, which is key in this time of economic crisis, is very impressive. Hats off to them!



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