Stefanie Citroen

‘We decided to sell our apartment in Amsterdam and to look for a bigger house. We ended up teaming up with Letty at Carla van den Brink because we felt that not only did she understand our requirements very well, but she could also ‘pack a punch’ in a business sense. This turned out to be the case. In hindsight, we bought our house exactly when the market peaked. But Letty always had a realistic price in mind and literally told us she didn’t want us paying the jackpot. When we decided to sell our current house again last autumn because it had become impractical with three children, we immediately called Letty. She got to work enthusiastically and showed us, as before, that she had kept her standards and values. She really made an effort to sell our house at the best possible price. Thanks to her efforts and enthusiasm, we sold it for more than we expected, especially given the current market situation, and within an acceptable timeframe. It goes without saying that we are elated!’



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