Karlijn van Lammeren

Away from Amsterdam, the city that was not ours, but which gave us a warm welcome and a warm home. The city where I came alone and where we left together. With pain in our hearts we have offered my apartment, which we had so much fun of, for sale. And what could be better to have this done by a real estate agency looking beyond the stones, to the story behind the stones, to the story of the people who have enjoyed the stones so much. The love and care that exists for the house is recognized and acknowledged and therefore automatically transferred to potential buyers.

My (t) house is in good hands and that makes the farewell already a lot more bearable. But also the guidance and communication during the sales process I have experienced as very pleasant, on top of the professionalism and the thoroughness of my real estate agent an ideal combination which has led to an ideal sale. If we get homesick and come back to Amsterdam, then there is only one option for us.


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