Meet Estate Agency Carla van den Brink

Estate Agency Carla van den Brink loves the city of Amsterdam. But maybe it loves the city’s inhabitants even more. And one takes good care of one’s loved ones. That has been our credo since 1979, and it will always remain our credo.

To us, the real estate business is first and foremost a matter of taking good care of our real estate and of our city. But above all, taking good care of the people we are allowed to work for.

People create a neighbourhood, they write history together. The city cannot do without them. They play the key role in the new story we are writing together. So taking good care of them is the least we can do.

Our motto is real estate is our business, creating stories along the way. We are aware of this during every step of the buying and selling process. We kindly ask you to help us keep that promise and make sure we fulfil our motto each and every day.

Which new history will we be allowed to write with you?

Makelaarskantoor Carla van den Brink Amsterdam

Pieter Joep van den Brink

Pieter Joep van den Brink is the son of the founder and helmswoman Carla van den Brink, after whom the estate agency is named. He has always been involved in the company and the real estate business. He has lived in Amsterdam since 1967.

My neighbourhood

I spent the greater part of my youth on a street called Minervalaan. Whenever I cycle through that beautiful lane with its trees and grass down the middle, I always smile to myself. Living here is also very pleasant, by the way.  

Best lunch

Mech on Cornelis Schuytstraat. I enjoy sitting on a bench outside with a tasty sandwich and watching the people of ‘Oud-Zuid’ pass by. It is a wonderful combination of relaxation and networking.

A short getaway

‘De Ronde Hoep’. Taking the boat out for a cruise, anchoring at the lake at Abcoude and going home completely refreshed at the end of the day.

Inspiring ‘Amsterdammer’

Eberhard Van der Laan, the recently deceased Mayor of Amsterdam, and mainly his message to the people: take care of each other and in doing so, make sure the wonderful city of Amsterdam stays the way it is.

Amsterdam at its best

Its multicultural community of more than 175 nationalities makes Amsterdam what it is today. The composition of its population is what makes the cityscape so unique.

To be banned from the city, tarred and feathered

The stag and hen nights which make our city look like a fun fair, and especially the “bierfiets”, a bar on wheels. I despise it and it should be banned from the streets immediately in my opinion.

Hellen Groen - de Leijer

Hellen Groen - de Leijer has been an estate agent at Carla van den Brink since 2006 and a partner since 2016. She has lived in Amsterdam since 1994.

My neighbourhood

I am in love with the canals, the city’s heart and soul and one of Amsterdam’s greatest features. I get butterflies whenever I cycle along the canals.

My park

It’s an absolute luxury to have so many beautiful parks in Amsterdam. Every neighbourhood has its own green heart. My favourite park is the Vondelpark, where I enjoy my morning jogs. Usually it’s only me, a few other joggers, some drunkards and the municipality’s cleaning squad. Very urban and typical for Amsterdam.

A short getaway

A good reason to leave the city for a quick break is a nice long walk with my dog in the woods of the Spaarnwoude recreational area. A perfect place to walk and enjoy nature.

Most amazing view over the city 

The ‘Zuidas’ with its view overlooking the whole city and towards the planes at Schiphol Airport which are landing and taking off. 

Favourite Amsterdam beer

I love drinking a ‘Natte’ or ‘Zatte’ by Brewery ‘Het IJ’, whether it’s a summer’s day on a terrace or a winter’s day in a café.





Kim de Vroe

After having lived there for 12 years, Kim de Vroe swapped sunny Spain for Amsterdam in 2014. She is our office manager and responsible for a hiccough-free day at the office.

My neighbourhood

Buitenveldert: very green, many parks, peace and quiet, that has all the attractive elements of the Zuidas, an underestimated part of Amsterdam. Also a perfect place to walk my dogs. 

Best rooftop terrace

My parents have a rooftop terrace, which I still see as being partly mine. It has an amazing view over the city, a view which is always breathtakingly beautiful on New Year’s Eve. 

Favourite café

I love visiting Café Eijlders on the Korte Leidsedwarsstraat with my best friend. It has a warm, cosy and authentic atmosphere, exactly how a café should be.

Amsterdam at its best

In Amsterdam the world is at your feet. All the different cultures and the welcoming spirit of its inhabitants are what make this city so diverse. With high-end cuisine and art. A real cosmopolitan city!



Dany Otten

Dany Otten has lived in Amsterdam since 1979. As our office manager she takes care of all office-related affairs.

My park

I love jogging in the Westerpark. It has a lot of cultural activities and has not been overrun by tourists yet.

Favourite neighbourhood 

The part between the Enneus Heerma bridge – affectionately called the ‘bra’ bridge – and the Piet Heinkade going up to behind Central Station. It has water, industrial areas, hustle and bustle and beautiful architecture. 

Inspiring ‘Amsterdammer’

The actor Jeroen Krabbé. His enthusiasm in his art programme is infectious.

Typical Amsterdam beer

Brewery ‘De Eeuwige Jeugd’ is my favourite. They brew a really typical Amsterdam beer. 

Heather van Leuverden

Heather van Leuverden strengthens our team as a candidate- licenced estate agent and valuer. She is the daughter of an Amsterdam-born parent and lives in Amsterdam West.

Prettiest street

Van Eeghenstraat. Who wouldn’t want to live there? It has architecture, a neighbourhood feel and the Vondelpark in the back garden. You really don’t need anything else. 

Outdoor Amsterdam 

Sunny days walking along the canals and over the bridges. I also enjoy going to Hangar in North Amsterdam when it’s warm – lying in a hammock on the city beach.  

Inspiring ‘Amsterdammer’

I find Oscar Hammerstein very inspiring. I like his straight talk, often with a good dose of typical Amsterdam humour.

To be banned from the city, tarred and feathered

Long-lasting road works should disappear as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, they are part and parcel of a busy city. I wouldn’t mind missing long traffic jams and bad accessibility either.

Isabeau Boender

Steijn Schothorst

Patricia van Gulik

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